How do I know whether my garage door needs reparing or replacing?

We listen to your needs, and tailor the solution to fit your best interests. We aim for the best "bang for your buck".

What about a warranty?

We serve a full 60-day warranty on our product and services Talk to us today about your needs and concerns.

Will my replacement panel match the rest of the door?

Our trained personnel will get an accurate color sample to guarantee that your replacement panel completely matches the rest of your door.

When Should You Have Your Garage Door Inspected?

Ferguson Missouri How a New Garage Door can Improve the Value of Your Home

Rolling Service Doors

These are ideal for locations where headroom and sideroom are scarce, because they wind upward and out of the way. We have options to suit a wide variety of tastes and business needs.

Ferguson Missouri How to Find the Right Garage Door Replacement Service

Sectional Steel-Backed Doors

Steel-backed doors provide durability, energy efficiency, and long-term reliability, which make them an excellent choice for almost any business operation.

Ferguson Missouri How a New Garage Door can Keep Your Family Safe

Fire-Resistant Doors

When the potential for a fire hazard exists, it makes great sense to protect your assets with a fire-resistant door that will impede the progress of any fire which breaks out, and protect goods longer.

Ferguson Missouri The Importance of Having the Right Garage Door for Your Home

Thermal Doors

Thermal doors provide the perfect solution for keeping goods warm inside, and for minimizing any air infiltration or wind penetration.

Ferguson Missouri How a New Garage Door can Make Your Home Safer

Security Grilles

Retail stores can have windows protected against vandalism by installing high security grilles that are available in side-folding or overhead coiling configurations.

Ferguson Missouri Don't Wait to Have Your Garage Door Repaired

Rolling Sheet Doors

Rolling sheet doors are not only attractive and affordable, but their solid construction allows for easy installation and maintenance, as well as smooth functionality.

These guys will always be my first choice for any of my garage door needs. I highly recommend them to all my friends and family.

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Harry Smith

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I highly recommend Garage Door Repair. They went to great lengths to make sure I got the door I wanted in the least amount of time.

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We are the BEST choice for
Garage Door Repair in Ferguson.


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Information for Ferguson, Missouri

Missouri, St. Louis county, eastern Missouri, U.S. It is a northwestern residential suburb of St. Louis. Ferguson's roots date to 1855, when farmer William B. Ferguson deeded a strip of land to the North Missouri Railroad. Hestipulatedthat the railroad construct a depot on the site and make regular stops there. A residential and commercialcommunitydeveloped on the surrounding land as Ferguson sold it off to settlers. The advent of commuter trains and streetcars in the late 19th centuryfacilitatedthe growth of the town, and in 1894 it was incorporated as a city. Ferguson grew steadily in the early 20th century and experienced an economic and population boom in the post-World War II era. Ferguson became a charter city in 1954 and adopted a council-manager system of government.Demonstrators in Ferguson, Missouri, on August 15, 2014, after the identification of the police � R. Gino Santa Maria/ Ferguson is the headquarters of Emerson Electric, an international manufacturing and technology company that was founded in St. Louis in 1890 and moved to Ferguson beginning in the 1940s. The city is accessible to several interstate highways. Among its public recreational facilities are January-Wabash Memorial Park, which features a lake that is stocked for year-round fishing. The city is home to the Florissant Valley campus of the St. Louis Community College. InAugust2014 the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed African American teenager, by Darren Wilson, a white police officer, resulted in days of civil unrest and protests fueled by tensions between Ferguson's predominantly black population and its predominantly white government and police department. The incident drew national and international attention. In November 2014 there was another round of unrest in Ferguson, after it was announced that Wilson would not face criminal charges in connection with the shooting, and protests also occurred in other American cities. Pop. (2000) 22, 205; (2010) 21, 203.

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Ferguson - How You Can Fit a Garage Door Repair into Your Budget Articles

Top 8 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door

Curb appeal is an important factor in your home. From the landscaping to the design and color of your front doors, creating an attractive first impression is essential to maintain value in your home. The garage door is an important element in this equation and can make an enormous difference when replaced.

Why would you need to replace your garage door? There are a variety of reasons and situations that point to the fact that you should tackle this home improvement project.

Reason # 1) Redecorate

It�s easy to change the look of your home with a garage door in a different color or style. More windows or windows in a distinct shape can add light into the garage and dress up the facade of the house. This is not generally a quick or cheap way to add color or change the exterior decor, but it can be effective.

Reason # 2) Repair

When a garage door gets old and begins to sag and bow it can be very difficult to open and close. If you use the garage often this presents a serious problem. And even for those homeowners who don�t park their vehicles in it, an inoperable or erratic garage door can be a frustrating thing.

Reason # 3) Reduce Your Heating Bills

Installing an insulated garage door will add a significant amount of warmth to the interior of your garage, thereby reducing the amount of heat needed near the man door entrance and in the rooms that are adjacent to the garage. If you have room above your garage, adding an insulated garage door will make them much more comfortable instantly.

Reason # 4) Rejuvenate the Garage

Replacing the garage door creates a more consistent temperature and adds security to the space. These benefits will help you to utilize the space for a workshop, craft room, work out gym or whatever other hobbies you have that requires more dedicated space.

Reason # 5) Reduce Required Maintenance

A maintenance-free garage door means that it does not need painting and will only require simple cleaning with soap and water. A new opening system can also be included, with well lubricated components that make smooth operation a given.

Reason # 6) Raise the Property Value

A well-chosen and properly installed new garage door can boost the value of your property. Give potential buyers the best first impression with a solid, low maintenance alternative garage door on the front of your home.

Reason # 7) Raise the Level of Safety

New garage doors have photo eyes built in to prevent an automatic door opener from closing the door on any obstruction. This protects children and pets from injury, as well as protecting the garage door system from becoming jammed or damaged in this way.

Reason # 8) Reinforce Home Security

Today s garage doors tend to be more secure and harder to break into due to the construction materials and installation procedures. This makes everything in your garage and in your home much safer.

While you may be able to replace a garage door system yourself with a little help from your friends, it also pays to call in the professionals. Then their warranty will cover the installation and you can be assured that the whole process, including retrofitting the new door and connecting any technology necessary, will be done right the first time.

Enjoy the look, convenience and warmth of your new garage door. With the curb appeal rejuvenated, now you concentrate on interior home improvement projects.

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