How do I know whether my garage door needs reparing or replacing?

We listen to your needs, and tailor the solution to fit your best interests. We aim for the best "bang for your buck".

What about a warranty?

We serve a full 60-day warranty on our product and services Talk to us today about your needs and concerns.

Will my replacement panel match the rest of the door?

Our trained personnel will get an accurate color sample to guarantee that your replacement panel completely matches the rest of your door.

Replacing a Residential Garage Door in the Winter

Kansas City Missouri How to Find the Right Garage Door Repair Service

Rolling Service Doors

These are ideal for locations where headroom and sideroom are scarce, because they wind upward and out of the way. We have options to suit a wide variety of tastes and business needs.

Kansas City Missouri How to Find the Right Garage Door Replacement Service

Sectional Steel-Backed Doors

Steel-backed doors provide durability, energy efficiency, and long-term reliability, which make them an excellent choice for almost any business operation.

Kansas City Missouri How to Get the Most Out of an Old Garage Door

Fire-Resistant Doors

When the potential for a fire hazard exists, it makes great sense to protect your assets with a fire-resistant door that will impede the progress of any fire which breaks out, and protect goods longer.

Kansas City Missouri Don't Forget About Your Garage Door When You Renovate Your Home

Thermal Doors

Thermal doors provide the perfect solution for keeping goods warm inside, and for minimizing any air infiltration or wind penetration.

Kansas City Missouri Repairing a Vandalized Garage Door

Security Grilles

Retail stores can have windows protected against vandalism by installing high security grilles that are available in side-folding or overhead coiling configurations.

Kansas City Missouri Repairing Storm Damage on Your Garage Door

Rolling Sheet Doors

Rolling sheet doors are not only attractive and affordable, but their solid construction allows for easy installation and maintenance, as well as smooth functionality.

These guys will always be my first choice for any of my garage door needs. I highly recommend them to all my friends and family.

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Harry Smith

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I highly recommend Garage Door Repair. They went to great lengths to make sure I got the door I wanted in the least amount of time.

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We are the BEST choice for
Garage Door Opener Repair in Kansas City.


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Information for Kansas City, Missouri

Missouri, Clay, Jackson, and Platte counties, western Missouri, U.S. Located on the Missouri River at theconfluencewith the Kansas River, the city iscontiguouswith Kansas City, Kansas, forming part of a large urban complex that also includes Leavenworth, Olathe, Overland Park, Prairie Village, and Shawnee in Kansas and Blue Springs, Gladstone, Grandview, Independence, Lee's Summit, Liberty, North Kansas City, and Raytown in Missouri. Area city, 318 square miles (824 square km). Pop. (2000) 441, 545; Kansas City Metro Area, 1, 836, 038; (2010) 459, 787; Kansas City Metro Area, 2, 035, 334.Liberty Memorial, Kansas City, Missouri, U.S. Jack Zehrt HistoryFrench fur traders, led by Francois Chouteau, traveled up the Missouri River from St. Louis and were the first permanent settlers in the area (1821). Westport was laid out a few miles south of the trading post by John Calvin McCoy in 1833, and it flourished as an outfitting post for western overland expeditions. Nearby to the east, another major departure point for westbound settlers, Independence was the main river port for supplies, which were then taken overland to Westport. McCoy found an easier landing spot on the bank of the Missouri that was several miles closer to Westport, and soon riverboats began unloading there. Westport prospered as a terminus for the Santa Fe, California, and Oregon trails. It was chartered as the town of Kansas (named for the Kansa Indians) in 1850 and as a city in 1853. It became Kansas City under an 1889 charter in order to distinguish it from the territory. Read More on This TopicMissouri (state, United States):Prior to and during the American Civil War, the city was sharply divided (because of its location on the border between Missouri, a slave state, and Kansas, a free state) and was the target of several skirmishes, including raids by the Confederate guerrilla William C. Quantrill. It was the site of a decisive battle on October 23, 1864, in which a Confederate army led by General Sterling Price was forced to retreat by a Union army commanded by General Samuel Curtis; it was the war's last major battle west of the Mississippi River. Rapid growth followed after Kansas City was reached (1865) by a railroad from St. Louis and linked (1869) with the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad by bridge across the Missouri River. A stockyard was opened in 1870, and Kansas City became a major cattle market and a centre of the meatpacking industry.Economic and population growth continued in the early 20th century, an era dominated by the political boss Thomas J. Pendergast. Both world wars also provided major boosts to the city's economy. The Kansas City style of jazz music emerged during the 1920s and '30s, made famous through artists such as saxophonist Lester Young and pianist-bandleader Count Basie. Kansas City grew even more quickly after World War II, as it annexedadjacentland and increased its area more than fivefold. City population peaked in 1970 - when it surpassed a half million - and then slowly declined until stabilizing in the 1990s. The proportion of African Americans steadily grew, reaching nearly one-third of Kansas City's residents by 2000. Map of Kansas City, Missouri, U.S. ( c.1900), from the 10th edition of � Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. The contemporary cityKansas City's long-important livestock-handling and meatpacking activities have disappeared, but the city remains the marketing and shipping centre for a vast agricultural region (including soybeans, corn [maize], dairy products, and wheat) and has extensive grain-storage and food-processing facilities. A major distribution centre, the city is one of the largest rail hubs in the country and an important trucking centre. It has an international airport and port facilities on the Missouri River. Services (including government, health care, telecommunications, and finance)constitutethe largest share of the city's economy. Manufacturing (notably automobiles, greeting cards, weapons components, and pharmaceuticals), tourism (including riverboat casino gambling), and research and development of agricultural products are also important. A unique feature of the city is a vast underground industrial park known as SubTropolis, developed in the space created as the area was mined for its limestone deposits. The complex has streets and buildings and provides warehousing, storage, and office space. Nearby Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (Independence, Missouri) and Fort Leavenworth (Leavenworth, Kansas) are additional economic assets. Britannica Stories In The News / GeographyColossal Statue of Ramses II ('Ozymandias') Discovered in CairoDemystified / ScienceIs Climate Change Real?Spotlight / HistoryThe Legacy of Order 9066 and Japanese American InternmentIn The News / ScienceMore Evidence of Neanderthal Lifestyles The University of Missouri at Kansas City opened in 1933; other institutions of higher education include Rockhurst University (1910), Avila University (1916), several MetropolitanCommunityCollege campuses, William Jewell College (1849; in Liberty), Park University (1875; in Parkville), the University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine (1916), and the Kansas City Art Institute (1885). Kansas City is the world headquarters for the Church of the Nazarene, the Unity School of Christianity, and People to People International. Test Your KnowledgeHuman Health:Fact or Fiction?The American Royal, held each fall in the city, includes livestock and horse shows and a rodeo. The Liberty Memorial is a World War I monument that includes a 217-foot (66-metre) tower and a museum; the tower, dedicated in 1926, underwent a three-year restoration completed in 2002. Other museums include the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the Lone Jack Civil War Battlefield and Museum, and Missouri Town 1855, a preservation of pioneer buildings at Lake Jacomo. The home and studio of artist Thomas Hart Benton is preserved as a state historic site. The 18th and Vine Historic Jazz District is home to the American Jazz Museum and Negro Leagues Baseball Museum; Kansas City's jazz heritage is also celebrated in annual music festivals. The city's historic connection to the meat industry survives in its distinctive spicy style of barbecue.Kansas City is known for its dozens of fountains and claims to have more than any other city except Rome. Swope Park contains an open-air theatre and zoo. The city has a symphony orchestra, ballet, opera, and several theatre organizations. Kemper Arena (1975) hosts concerts, conventions, shows, and sports events. The Harry S. Truman Sports Complex houses Kansas City's professional gridiron football (Chiefs) and baseball (Royals) teams in two side-by-side stadiums; the city also has a professional soccer (football) team (Wizards). Crown Center, an 85-acre (34-hectare) cultural and businessvenue , opened in 1973; nearby Science City is an education and entertainment complex in the restored Union Station (1914). The James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area (southwest), Smithville Lake (north), and Watkins Mill and Weston Bend state parks (northeast and northwest, respectively) provide outdoor recreational opportunities. Sites devoted to famed outlaw Jesse James are located northeast of the city in Liberty and Kearney.

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Kansas City - Repairing a Vandalized Garage Door Articles

Garage Door Repair Tips & Tricks

Follow these simple garage door tips to keep it running smoothly every time you use it.

Your garage is supposed to prevent trouble by keeping your car safe from the elements (and from thieves), but sometimes garages have problems of their own. Garage doors won't open, refuse to lock or age and warp. Garage door repair is can be costly, but these basic tips will keep your garage door running smoothly all year long.

The Power Goes Out

The power to your garage is out with the door shut, and you need to get your car out or you'll have to take a bus. You'll notice a cord�usually with a red handle�dangling down from the guide track that the opener uses to open and close the door. This is the manual override. Once pulled, it allows you to open and close the door with your own power in the form a little elbow grease.

Frozen Garage Door

Cold weather has stiffened the mechanism of your garage door opener and caused it to lose power. Most garage door openers made in the past 15 years have pressure adjustments for both raising and lowering. Check and adjust these settings seasonally to keep things running smoothly.

Sagging Garage Door

That sagging garage door is getting harder and harder to open. Garage doors, especially older, wooden models, are as susceptible to the ravages of time and gravity as the rest of us. If your aging doors are a little saggy, square them up with the tension rods positioned on the back of the door. The rods are placed diagonally from top to bottom corners and can be tightened at a turnbuckle to straighten out the door--do a little at time to allow the door to adjust to the change. If your door isn't already equipped with tension rods, you can buy them at home centers.

Lock Your Garage Door

Your dream car is parked in out of the elements, but it's not secure because the garage door won't lock. Most garage doors have two horizontal bars that move out from the center of the door into slots along the side of the door in the door track, effectively locking the door in place. Over time, these bars can shift slightly out of position so that they are no longer correctly aligned with the locking slots. To realign the bars, unscrew the guide brackets on the edges of the door so that they are loose enough to move, and then reposition them so that they smoothly guide the locking bars into the locking slots. Lubricate the lock mechanism with machine oil and you're done.

Soak Up Oil Stains

After working on the car, you find a big oil stain on the driveway. Pulverize a scrap piece of drywall with a hammer (any new home construction site will have dumpsters full of waste pieces of drywall). Crumble the pulverized drywall with your hands and sprinkle on the stain. Leave it overnight, and rinse off in the morning. Reapply and brush in with a bristle broom in cases of stubborn stains.

When to Call the Pros

Although small stains and cracks can usually be fixed with store-bought products and a little elbow grease, bigger troubles in your home's masonry walls call for more expertise. Bring in a mason or structural professional when:

+ A crack in a masonry wall is large and growing rapidly.

+ A foundation wall appears to have shifted.

+ You find large patches of black mold on the wall.

+ The wall is actually buckling.

+ Bricks, mortar, or stucco simply crumble away to dust at your touch.

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